Vision of #dev DeFi

Understand our vision, model and value proposition

#dev DeFi
3 min readJul 6, 2021
Understand vision, model and value proposition of #dev DeFi
Understand our vision, model and value proposition

Hi #devians,

We publish this article to wrap up the vision of #dev DeFi since many of you have questioned us how to buy DEV token. This may answer all of your wonder about #dev DeFi’s vision and tokenomics at this moment.

#dev DeFi’s vision and model

Our intention is to build a fully decentralized protocol that can run by it-self without having any native token. DEV token will be released once and only when the community of #dev is strong enough to form a DAO governance.

Pioneering projects on Ethereum: Compound, MakerDAO, Uniswap, etc. have also built a very strong user bases before their tokens were released.

Most of farming platforms on Binance Smart Chain are offering extremely remarkable but unstable profit using their native token as a part of the reward; this APY depends on the token’s price, once it drops the interest will fall rapidly. Focusing on developing use cases of lending & borrowing model, our team is building a sustainable model which is not depend on any native token.

#dev DeFi’s model is the combination of Lending and Farming in one platform. You can deposit to “Farming lending pools” which will deposit your asset to other platforms to earn rewards (ex: Alpaca Finance, etc.) and in addition you can collateralize your deposit to borrow other assets on #dev DeFi, and use it to make money.

Model of #dev DeFi = Compound + Yearn

The protocol also offers steady interest rates with “Genesis lending pools” in which supply interest is based on borrow interest. Genesis lending pools are pools in which assets are not deposited to any others platforms or smart contracts. The downside of the Genesis pools is its probably low APY; however, Genesis offers low transaction fees and safety of capital.

Especially, this model minimizes the dependence of a protocol on it’s native token, give us room to develop DEV token’s functions. A token has values is more capable to remain it’s price.

DAO governance and DEV token

DAO governance is our next step. We will transfer the control of #dev DeFi to the community and let the protocol grows based on community’s consensus and contribution.

DEV token will have it’s significant role in operating the DAO governance. The tokenomics is to be confirmed. However, users who join #dev DeFi before DEV token is released will still receive their fair shares of DEV token thanks to the retrospective token distribution during the genesis token release.

Retrospective token distribution mechanism is both amount- and time-weighted, which means the reward of each user is calculated based on asset value they supplied to #dev DeFi and the time their asset locked in it.

This mechanism makes sure you will receive the reward you deserve.



#dev DeFi

#dev DeFi is an aggregate lending and borrowing protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).