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#dev DeFi

Strategy guide #5

Hi guys, I would like to present a strategy that I’m using to make money from my BNB. I develop this from the previous strategy, I borrow BUSD on #dev then open a leveraged farming position on Alpaca. Please apply at your own risks.

  1. Collateralized BNB and borrow BUSD on #dev.

I deposited 11.29 BNB into #dev and wait until BNB/BUSD fall to 295, then I borrowed 1,000 BUSD.

  • Value-to-collateral ratio = 30%. (suggested ratio)
  • Borrow APR = 2.5%.

2. Open a leveraged farming position on Alpaca using VAI-BUSD(PancakeSwap) pool.

My strategy is a leverage farming strategy. I borrow BUSD from #dev then use Rabbit Finance USDT-BUSD (Pancakeswap) pool to leverage my assets to 9x for the best profit.

Of coure you can use other pools with higher APY, but I prefer stablecoin-stablecoin pools to secure my position from being liquidated.

  1. I collateralized $3574 worth of BNB to borrow 1072 BUSD. Loan-to-value ratio = 30%. Borrow APR = 3.07%.
  2. I transferred 1072 BUSD to Rabbit Finance to open a 9x leverage farming position on USDT-BUSD (Pancakeswap) pool. So my total assets in position is worth 9634.49 BUSD after fees.
  • My…

Create your own strategy and share it to the community!

Strategy innovation: Create strategy to make money using #dev DeFi
Make money with your creativity and #ev DeFi.

Each money-making strategy using #dev DeFi is an use case of the protocol, we always want to share more strategies to our community so #dev’s users could find the best way to utilize their assets.

Strategy Innovation event aims to help develop more use cases of #dev DeFi and spread it widely by encouraging everyone to create and share their strategy. The creativity of the community and chances to make money with Dapps are unlimited.

$200 prize for the winner is an added incentive for users to join and have…

#3 strategy guide using #dev DeFi
Open a short position on BNB

Creating a Short/Long position is the most basic strategy when using lending protocol, in this case I’m using #dev and Venus to create a short position. You can borrow BNB with BUSD as collateral on #dev. Here is how my strategy work.

Open a Short position:

  1. Deposit BUSD as collateral to #dev, around 10,000 BUSD in my case.
  2. Wait until BNB/BUSD pump (e.g 320), take a loan of 9.37 BNB from #dev. In this case I borrowed at 30% loan-to-collateral ratio.
  3. Immediately convert borrowed BNB to BUSD, 9.37 BNB = ~3.000 BUSD.
  4. Deposit BUSD into Venus to earn 5.2% …

How Lending & Borrowing interest rates are calculated.

Interest rate model on #dev DeFi
Interest rate model on #dev DeFi

Lending and Borrowing interest rates are calculated due to Utilisation rate.

Utilisation Rate = Total Borrow / Total Lend

At low Utilisation rate, the Borrowing rate is calculated after below formula:

Borrowing Rate= rf +2 ∗ Utilisation Rate ∗ rf

  • rf — risk fee free rate: the rate at which #dev DeFi manages to get from other quasi-risk-free protocols.

Borrowing interest rate model of #dev DeFi uses the Kick parameter which follows a jump rate model. …

Understand our vision, model and value proposition

Understand vision, model and value proposition of #dev DeFi
Understand our vision, model and value proposition

Hi #devians,

We publish this article to wrap up the vision of #dev DeFi since many of you have questioned us how to buy DEV token. This may answer all of your wonder about #dev DeFi’s vision and tokenomics at this moment.

Our intention is to build a fully decentralized protocol that can run by it-self without having any native token. DEV token will be released once and only when the community of #dev is strong enough to form a DAO governance.

Pioneering projects on Ethereum: Compound, MakerDAO, Uniswap, etc. …

Strategy to make profit from BUSD using #dev DeFi.

Hi guys! 👋

The 2nd strategy guide to be introduced is a strategy to make use of BUSD utilization that help you to reach 15% APY and preserve BUSD at the same time by opening a borrowing position on #dev DeFi.

It’s a basic strategy but very effective, without further ado, let’s find out how you can increase your profit from holding a stable coin to 15% per year.

Step 1: The first step is deposit BUSD as collateral to borrow CAKE on #dev DeFi.

Step 2: I borrow CAKE at 20% APR, the loan’s value is 20% of my…

We have collected strategies for all users of #dev DeFi, when using #dev to make money. Strategy below are presented by one of our very first user.

Strategy Guide to make profit from BNB using #dev DeFi
Strategy Guide to make profit from BNB using #dev DeFi

It’s a simple strategy. This strategy allows BNB hodlers to receive rewards from Pancakeswap.

  1. Supply WBNB to #dev DeFi and collateralize it.
  2. Use collateral to borrow CAKE at 30% Loan-to-value ratio. Your borrow APR will be around 20%.
  3. Use CAKE to stake on Pancakeswap for 1 year using Auto CAKE pool, your APY is around 107%.
  4. This step is extremely important if you don’t want your WBNB to be liquidated. Withdraw a portion…

Try out #dev DeFi to earn the prize.

#dev DeFi announces Early Bird Event with the total prize of 300 BUSD that will go to 3 lucky winners (100 BUSD each) for using #dev DeFi protocol.

The event is an added incentive for users to try out #dev DeFi and feedback to help us improve the protocol.

  1. To join the event, users need to deposit collateral and borrow any assets on:
  2. The event will start from 00:00, June 9 to 23:59, June 22

We will randomly choose 3 lucky addresses that have engaged with our protocol to share $300 BUSD prize. …

Step-by-step guideline

#dev DeFi protocol enables users to borrow Binance Smart Chain assets like BNB, BUSD, CAKE by collateralizing other supported assets. Users now can trade, stake or perform liquidity farming on other platforms to earn profit with an asset that they don’t actually own.

This article will guide you to borrow assets from #dev DeFi step-by-step.

#dev DeFi offers the lowest Borrow APR on Binance Smart Chain.
  1. To borrow an asset on #dev DeFi, you need to supply collateral first. Choose the asset that you want to use as collateral, enable the asset and supply it to any vault based on your preference. …

#dev DeFi

#dev DeFi is an aggregate lending and borrowing protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

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